About us

Been on the scene in 2016, Comics and Pop strives to bring you the best possible experience while you shop with us.

The Team

Meet the Husband and Wife duo! Together they have 35 years Retail Experience and a lifetime of Geeking as Pop Culture enthusiasts. They even spawned their own geeks, educating them on all that is awesome in the multiverse.

Simon - Owner/Manager

The bearded ginger man is the main face, the go to guy, the one that knows all of what's in stock, what is coming in and what we can get in for you. 

His favourites include anti-heros of the Marvel Universe like the Punisher and Deadpool. High on his list is Judge Dredd, Pulp Fiction, Kevin Smith Films and Kenpachi Zaraki from Bleach.

 Carla - Owner/Administrator 

She never has the same coloured hair twice. Carla is the one behind the scenes keeping everything running. You know all the boring stuff (someone has to be an adult).

She massively geeks out over strong female heroines, like Wonder Woman, Captain Marvel, Rogue and Chun Li. The geek doesn't stop there, Sci-fi television shows like Firefly and movies like Star Wars are on her list.

Gab - Cashier/Anime Expert

Gab can be found at conventions, talking about EVERY anime, crying about anime, loving anime, hating some anime plots....and cosplaying as anime characters. Sometimes she works too.

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