Big Trouble in Little China Vol-2 Trade Paperback (TP)

Boom! Studios


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Big Trouble in Little China is one of our favorite cult-classic films because it mashed together '80s action and supernatural fantasy movies with '70s kung-fu flicks. This is the first time any new Big Trouble stories have been officially told, and the film's original director, John Carpenter, working with Eric Powell (The Goon)on the story, with Brian Churilla (Secret History of D.B. Cooper) on art.

Story : With the unintended help of Jack Burton, Lo Pan and the Three Storms have returned!

On the run, Jack Burton and Wang Chi must traverse the Americas in the Pork-Chop Express to escape the onslaught of the Wing Kong and Lords of Death. With Egg and Miao Yin escaping into the Midnight Road, their only chance at survival is keeping the jade eyes from Lo Pan's grasp.

Collects issues #5-8.

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