Vinyl Vixens by Funko

Funko brings you Vinyl Vixens! The most desirable babes in the DC Universe from Gotham City. Standing a 9 inches they are an asset to any collection. 

Buying Pop Vinyl Figures to Add To Your Collection

There are hundreds of different types of collectibles and other items that you can buy from your favourite franchises. Some of the world’s greatest superheroes like Superman, Batman, the X-Men cast, Spiderman and many others have a lot of different toys and objects themed after them. It’s a billion dollar industry, and collectors love getting their hands on rare items. Pop vinyl figures have become quite popular over the past few years. These figures are cartoon-ish takes on popular film protagonists. They have slightly large heads, and can be placed on the table, shelves or anywhere else. They serve as excellent decorative pieces and can even be placed on the dashboard of your car!


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