The Walking Dead Season 7- All about Negan

The Walking Dead Season 7- All about Negan

*Spoiler Free*

The Walking Dead is back and has sent a message to all viewers. Be ready!

Be ready for some absolutely brutal violence, be ready for an emotions to run high ( both in the show and from viewers) but most of all, be ready for Negan and his bat "Lucille"

Any fans out there that have read the comics have been speculating on what would happen after the season 6 finale. But we also know that creators of the show don't always stick to what is on the pages to put on screen (how is your hand Rick). I'm just going to say that they did a good job and lets leave it at that.

Negans character from the comics is psychotic, charismatic, smart and curses so much it makes sailors blush. We have seen most of those traits in the first episode and I'm sure he will make a great nemesis for Alexandria.

Now I might be a little biased on the topic of Jeffrey Dean Morgan playing the character of Negan. I really like the choice. He was good in Watchmen and in The Losers (I mentioned those because I have watched them fairly recently) and through the first episode I enjoyed the dialog and how intimidating he could be even before he started swinging.

So, without getting into the episode details to much I should stop there and say that episode 1 has got me hooked on TWD again and I can't wait to see what is coming up next.

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